Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A day in trains is over.

The pictures:
1. Just arrived at Oslo S with bus, and about to find the train for Dombås.
2. Beauty along "Raumabanen".
3. Our tent at Åndalsnes camping.

Clouded view with small pieces of rain most of the day from Kristiansand @ 09:10 to Åndalsnes @ 20:02, luckily we got sunny weather towards the end of the journey where the best view was.
Day 1 completes with:
- 1 bus and 3 different train rides.
(Next time remember travel sickness tablets.)
- a small scratch to the lid of my newly bought backpack.
- nice view of nature where the last stretch from Dombås to Åndalsnes, called the Rauma rail "Raumabanen", by far exceeds the rest in terms of beauty.
- The tent is pitched, dinner cooked and eaten.
- One "tarp" forgotten at home.
- Brought an excess of one back pack rain cover.
- Best equipment: TNF rain jackets.

Tomorrow is forecasted rain...
Tulog na tayo zZzz

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Unknown said...

Flotte bilder, og så sol på kvelden da :-), Klem mamma