Friday, July 23, 2010

MoldeJazz 21-22/7: McFerrin, Hancock, Beck, Eliot, Diem

Wednesday: Missy Eliot and her dancers was great entertainment. Rain.
Carpe Diem - Bedre! Skikkelig underholdende, bravo! :)

1. Bobby Mc Ferrin = Source of happiness. A veeery good experience in Molde Domkirke, the queue to get in was about 200m and finding a good seat was hard but it was all worth it :-)
Audience asked: How important has Bach been for you?
- Oh very important, my mother was a soprano singer in church. And then he hummed some well known Bach-Ferrin tunes.

2. Jeff Beck, delivered well his classic guitar rock, a good show with a tough bass'ist.

3. Herbie Hancock, a jazz ending to our festival-stay.
For the theme of his new record he said _something like_: We have to take globalization and make it happen the way we want it to.

Including two extra tunes after the applause-comeback Herbie and gang entertained us for two hours :-)

Both Herbie and Bobby delivered to make my day, and Karen really liked Jeff so a perfect day, music considered :)

Relisation: It's cold up here...
The sun is coming :)

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