Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spiterstulen - Glitterheim = Stony stepping exercise

  • 17,5 kms estimated to 5hrs trekking time not including breaks, it took us waay longer ;-}.
  • Starts with a steep ascent.
  • Approximately 16 kms of attracting stones to step on, averaging the size of a football.

1. Starting of with good spirit, even after the steep ascent.

2. Starting to feel the weight...

3. Scenery is nothing but stones and remote glaciers.

4. Rest stop aprox 1,5 kms from Glitterheim, exhausted.

The start of our mountain journey that involved carrying everything we needed, like a snail with its house, had begun. It was a good thing we had just had two great days at Spiterstulen highlighting Hellstuguryggen, because what laid ahead was not pleasant.
This coming from me having carried a heavy back pack (rigged with tent and food etc.), if you carry light it will probably just be a boring trek giving exercise to your ankles ;-)
Glittertind is a good starting point for Norway's second tallest peak Glittertinden, tallest if you include the glacier on top of it.

For us this was just a stopover towards Gjendesheim.

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