Sunday, July 25, 2010

Geiranger on foot.

This place is really great for scenic hiking day trips.

What we did:
- Dalsnibba -  the highest viewpoint in the area with clear view of the Geiranger fjord. Take the tourist bus meant for this purpose (Three times a day, e.g. 09:40).
Yes, it has a great view!
No, 10 minutes is not enough time.180,-/person feels too much.
DO NOT expect the bus to hunk its horn before leaving as we did... "Heeeey, were's the bus??" Oh yes, we were left behind in the middle of nowhere with our day trip backpacks ON the bus.. some phone calls later and it were to be dropped of at a hotel further down the mountain. Starting to loose hope we were able to hitch with some tourists going our way :)

- Flydalsjuvet, this is were the picture-famous overhanging mountain can be found, having the fjord with various cruise ships in the background, as here in this picture where I'm holding Karen in my arms while a by-passing tourist takes the picture :-).

On the way down we left the transportation here for picture taking and lunch before walking the remaining kilometers down to the camping, which is not a problem for anyone without walking sticks etc =)
P.S. You can also take the public transport that goes to Langvatnet for 80,- and it can probably drop you here on its way. It's actually the same bus as the tourist bus which normally stops here for 5min on its way to Dalsnibba.

- Storseterfossen, a side trip down from Flydalsjuvet. Follow sign to Hole then walking path to Storseterfossen. If the weather is nice you'll probably meet more people heading the same way. It's an easy to medium trip.
Bonus: you can walk behind the large waterfall.

- Towards "Keipane" is were we headed the next day, it turned out to be too far for what we were prepared for and turned back at after around 900 height meters :-P
On the way we passed the beautiful "Sæter"(small farm) as seen in this picture.

Best equipment: water bottle.

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